Little Fu is at 66 Mclachlan Ave. Rushcutters

We are a tiny mother daughter asian kitchen that serve daily revolving curries and home cooked meals.
Straight up and no fuss – we cook on a first come first serve basis.
Please know we only have duralex glasses for all beverages….

prawn har gow dumplings (4)  14
scallop prawn dumplings (4)  14
xiao long bao pork prawn (3)  14
mushroom dumplings (4)  12
spinach choy sum dumplings (4) 12
chicken shao mai dumplings (4)  10
poached pork chive dumplings (6) 13

bbq pork bun 4
yummy chee cheong fun 14
mixed asian greens 14
roti w curry sauce 8
duck wraps (2) 18
sang choi bao  22 

MAINS  served with rice
poached chicken rice w coriander soybean vinaigrette 18  * best for the time sensitive
tofu bok choy w brown 16
padang beef rendang 26 * sold out
nyonya chicken potato curry 23 * sold out
roast duck on greens  28
assam tamarind fish curry  28
beef tenderloin stir fry w green beans  30
baked eggplant tofu curry 20
economy rice – mapo pork tofu 16

jasmine green tea  4
sweet ginger tea  4
mineral water  4/ 7
soft drinks  4
byo  6pp

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