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Hi all,

Big thank you for all your support and hope you are staying safe and strong.

We are currently serving take away and home delivery from 3pm to 8pm – Tuesday to Friday.
Apologies for the limited hours – we are juggling with keeping our families sane, applying “essential service” to what we do, and maintaining that loving enthusiasm that is crucial to cooking.

So call us to order and we would really appreciate it if you could place your orders as early as possible as there are only two of us in the kitchen during this very unpredictable and vulnerable time.
There have been times when we just haven’t been able to answer between 6-7pm.

We have gone back to basics – preferring to speak and serve our customers direct so please be patient with us while we build our online ordering platform.

As usual.. and I’ll keep harping this –  keep it real and cook more.
It’s the best way to look after yourselves and your loved ones.
And of course..during those moments of certain cravings….
we hope you do eat with us and appreciate what we do.

Hang in there!

Love and care from fu xxx