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Winter inspires hibernation and reflection.
What is happening at fu? It’s currently being re-defined and my plan for her is far-fetched but not impossible.
The imagination stirs while snacking on my current winter go to – rice congee with wok roasted skin on peanuts, fermented olive leaves, stinky tofu and anchovy sambal. It’s not on the menu – but just ask – and we would be thrilled to let you try!
We cook and serve. It’s a very enjoyable journey rather than stay at one’s station.
I am training all our cooks to not be shy and serve you personally so yes –  you may experience some Asian idiosyncrasies but know that we try our best and it’s from our hearts.

Keep warm and learn to cook more. It’s the best way of looking after yourselves and your loved ones.
And of course – during those moments of certain cravings – I hope you do eat with us and enjoy what we do.

Take care!