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Autumn is here to remind us of how it’s important to go with the flow of seasonal change.
We are working on a few warming dishes to make sure our bodies stay well balanced over the colder months. Nourishing congee is back and a Sumatran beef bone broth will be served shortly. Do try our new version of sambal belacan!
We’re also experimenting a set menu idea from a lovely regular who dines solo regularly and wants to keep it easy by ordering an “all in one”.
Our team is from all over Asia and this is reflected in our menu selection.
From the northern reaches of Tianjin and Beijing to Padang and Penang,
We serve what we ourselves love to eat.

Now that we have moved back to Victoria St.
a tiny brighter space right next to where we were born – we feel it
most apt for us to recapture that sense of accessibility
and affordability which Fu was renowned for long ago.
Our brass buddha toppled over and cracked our front window a few months ago. It was an omen from the heavens as we have finally found a solution open up the front and allow fresh air and cooking smells to waft out. We hope you will appreciate our efforts and we look forward
to hearing your feedback on the changes we are making this year.