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Autumn is here to remind us of how it’s important to go with the flow of seasonal change.
We are working on a few warming dishes to make sure our bodies stay well balanced over the colder months. Nourishing congee is back and a Sumatran beef bone broth will be served shortly. Do try our new version of sambal belacan!
We’re also experimenting a set menu idea from a lovely regular who dines solo regularly and wants to keep it easy by ordering an “all in one”.
Our team is from all over Asia and this is reflected in our menu selection.
From the northern reaches of Tianjin and Beijing to Padang and Penang,
We serve what we ourselves love to eat.

Now that we have moved back to Victoria St.
a tiny brighter space right next to where we were born – we feel it
most apt for us to recapture that sense of accessibility
and affordability which Fu was renowned for long ago.
Our brass buddha toppled over and cracked our front window a few months ago. It was an omen from the heavens as we have finally found a solution open up the front and allow fresh air and cooking smells to waft out. We hope you will appreciate our efforts and we look forward
to hearing your feedback on the changes we are making this year.




BANQUET MENU for large groups 60pp
* 10% service charge for groups more than 8.

Vegetarian and Coeliac menus available. Please let us know your dietary considerations and we will try our best to accomodate.


Autumn congee w sweet potato, mushroom and chicken  8
Nasi Lemak – coconut rice w anchovy sambal, egg and peanuts $10  add chicken curry $15
Fu Duck Noodles w celery, cucumber and bean sprouts  18
Sambal okra and green beans  18
King prawns and snowpeas wok fry 25
Ocean trout steamed w rice wine, ginger and shallots 26
Sambal Seafood  28

Small Dishes

duck wraps 12
roti dhal 5   roti chicken potato curry 9
crisp tofu w chilli manis 8
wonton soup – pork 7  prawn 12  crab & chicken 14
sang choi bao – pork 14  vegetarian 14  prawn 16  duck 16
crisp deep fried wontons – pork 7  prawn 12  crab & chicken 14
poached dumplings – pork & chive 10 crab & chicken 14 three mushroom 12

Rice and Noodles

hainan chicken rice 15
bbq pork rice 14
roast duck rice 18
tofu, bok choi, brown rice 12
manchu fried rice 16
curry laksa chicken 14 tofu 13 prawn 20
char siu wonton noodle soup 14
roast duck noodle soup 18
vegetable tofu shiitake noodle soup 14
char kway teow w lup cheong and prawns 18
hokkien noodles w chicken and prawns 18
rice white 3 brown 4 roti 4

Mains and Vegetables

chilli salt cuttlefish 22
beef eye fillet wok fry  25  cantonese blackbeans or ginger garlic
huangdi cashew chicken 24
okra eggplant tofu curry 20 duck 25
nyonya chicken potato curry 22
padang beef rendang 24

slow steamed eggplant and tofu 18
green beans ginger garlic fry 18
poached asian greens 10 half serve  5
gaai laan 8


coconut sago pudding w gula melaka 5
green tea ice cream  5
almond  agar agar jelly w lychee  5


tieguanyin oolong
long jing green tea
hibiscus flower
ginger spritz
akishika shuzo kobo #7
tsuru ume yuzushu
tsing tao
lucy margaux
la violetta
domaine matassa roussillon
claus preisinger burgenland
martin & anna arndorfer kamptal
limited byo is welcomed – wine only
recycling  $3 per person