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Happy Chinese New Year to you!

What’s happening ? We are currently being re-defined and the plan is for her to push boundaries and be authentic. We are aiming to have outdoor dining soon and forego single use packaging to mark the Year of the Metal Rat which happens to fall on the eve of Australia Day 2020. Ideas require genuine teamwork with intuitive timing. So we wait patiently and prepare ourselves for opportunities to finish what we started.

We cook and serve. It’s a very enjoyable journey rather than to stay at one’s station.
I am training all our cooks to not be shy and serve you personally so yes –  you may experience some Asian idiosyncrasies but know that we try our best and it’s from our hearts.

Keep it real and cook more. It’s the best way to look after yourselves and your loved ones.
And of course – during those moments of certain cravings – I hope you do eat with us and enjoy what we do.

Take care!


FU BANQUET MENU for large groups       60pp
Sang choi bao w pork and water chestnuts
Duck wraps
Crisp prawn wontons
Chilli salt cuttlefish
Nyonya chicken curry
Beef eye fillet wok fry
Char kway teow noodles
Mixed asian greens
Roti and rice
Something Sweet

Sang Choi Bao
Crisp potato pea samosas
Chilli salt pumpkin
Tofu manis
Steamed eggplant
Char kway teow
Shanghai bok choi w shiitake
Okra coconut curry
Roti and rice
Something sweet


Manchu Spring Rolls w jicama and sun dried shrimps 10
Nasi Lemak – coconut rice w anchovy sambal, egg and peanuts  12   add chicken curry 16
Fu Duck Noodles w celery, cucumber and bean sprouts  19
Assam Fish Curry 24
King prawns and snowpeas wok fry 25
Beef Hor Fun – rice noodle stew w eye fillet and greens  22
Ling fish wok fry w ginger shallots 20
Sambal Seafood  28


duck wraps 14
roti dhal 5   roti chicken potato curry 8  roti with 3 flavours  12
crisp tofu w chilli manis 7
wonton soup – pork 7  prawn 12
poached crab chicken wontons 14
sang choi bao – pork 15  vegetarian 14  prawn 16
crisp deep fried wontons – pork 7  prawn 12
handmade dumplings dozen/half –  pork chive 12/6   three mushroom 14/7

Rice and Noodles

hainan chicken rice 15
bbq pork rice 14
roast duck rice 19
tofu, bok choi, brown rice 12
manchu fried brown rice 18  white rice 16
curry laksa chicken 16 tofu 13 prawn 20
char siu wonton noodle soup 15
roast duck noodle soup 19
vegetable tofu shiitake noodle soup 14
char kway teow w lup cheong and prawns 20
hokkien noodles w chicken and prawns 21
rice white 3 brown 4 roti 4

Mains and Vegetables

local squid chilli salt 23
beef eye fillet wok fry  25  cantonese blackbeans or ginger garlic
huangdi cashew chicken 24
okra eggplant tofu curry 20  w pranws 25
nyonya chicken potato curry 23
padang beef rendang 25

slow steamed eggplant  16
green beans ginger garlic fry 16  sambal  18
poached asian greens 12 half serve  6
gaai laan 12


coconut sago pudding w gula melaka 5
almond agar agar w lychee 5
green tea ice cream  5

** all desserts are gluten free!


tieguanyin oolong
long jing green tea
hibiscus flower
ginger lemongrass spritz
akishika shuzo kobo #7
tsuru ume yuzushu
tsing tao
lucy margaux
la violetta
domaine matassa roussillon
thick as thieves

limited byo is welcomed – $5 pp


* 10% service charge for groups more than 8.
* 10% surcharge on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Coeliac menus available.
Please let us know your dietary considerations and we will try our best to accomodate.