house congee rice in duck broth w celery & pickled radish 12
fu laksa – malaysian style
chicken 17  seafood  20  tofu  16

chinese herbal beef stew w gingko & goji  20

beef eye fillet wok fry  24
green and black peppercorns  or  ginger snowpeas


duck wraps 10 / 20
chilli salt cuttlefish 20
prawn and scallop gow gee 12
crab and chicken wontons 10
steamed bao 3
house dumplings 10
sang choi bao 16


wonton soup – pork or prawn 7
roast duck wonton egg noodle soup 19
char siu wonton egg noodle soup 18
tofu, bok choi and shiitake vermicelli soup 16
chicken chow mein 20
char kway teow 19


asian greens and oyster sauce 7 / 14
eggplant tofu ginger and shallots 17
green beans and chilli shrimp paste 15
tofu, cashews and vermicelli herb salad 16
okra, cabbage, beans and tofu coconut curry 18


char siu – red braised pork 18
roast duck plate quarter 18 half 36
hainan chicken quarter 15 half 30
huangdi chicken, cashews and sundried chilli 24
nyonya chicken, potato, coconut curry and roti 24
long cooked beef rendang 25
ocean trout, sesame oil, soy and shallots 24


roti dhal 3
jasmine white 3
brown medium grain 4
manchu fried rice white 16 brown 18


rhubarb compote, ginger and vanilla ice cream 9
coconut yoghurt, hazelnut chocolate and peel syrup 9
pandan coconut rice balls 9
mandarin sorbet 7
pistachio praline ice cream 7


Please be advised that our menu may contain certain allergens due to our kitchen handling produce that contain nuts, gluten and shellfish ect. We will take all precautionary steps to accommodate to your special dietary needs but unfortunately we are unable to guarantee complete isolation of allergens.

Menu & prices subject to change without notice.
10 % service charge > 10 guests.
Credit cards incur a 1.6% surcharge Visa & Mastercard only.