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CNY : Year of the Year of the Earth Dog

We are proud to say that we began our tradition of CNY lion dances at fu manchu when we opened more than twenty years ago in 1994. It has always been an amazing turnout  – stopping traffic on Victoria St – then here at Darlinghurst Rd!
The lion is an auspicious animal – her dance scares away evil spirits and welcomes good luck for the incoming year.
The buddhist monk acts as a spotter during stunts and is both a comic relief and crown controller. The drum is the lion’s heartbeat and direct the action. The gong and cymbals help to frighten away the evil spirits.
One of the most important aspects of the dance is when the lion eats a hanging head of lettuce and spits it onto the audience – this is because in chinese  – “picking greens” is a homonym for “wealth and fortune” so having the lion spit on you is good luck!
There are many legends pertaining to the origin of the lion dance – depending on where you are in China –  one of the most famous being how the dance was due to the celebration of how a village had driven out a horrid monster named “Nian” who had terrorised the village each year.  Nian visited the village at the same time each year – eating babies and destroying homes but finally a brave monk tamed  the monster and tied a red ribbon around it’s horn and the monster became the village’s guardian and protector.

DOs and DON’Ts during a LION DANCE

DO – Pat the lion as it wants to make friends
DO – Offer a small offering in a hong bao “red packet” as this is a gesture of reciprocating the blessing the lion is bestowing on you.

DON’T  – Touch the lion’s harm or it’s mirror – this is bad luck as they’re used to fight evil.
DON’T – Jump over the lion’s tail when you see an unused lion – as this is considered disrespectful.
DON’T  – Give it anything white to eat – as white is the colour of death.

We wish you all a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.
May your year be filled with PEACE, LOVE and GOOD HEALTH!


We like to think of fu as an all occasion family eatery where first dates and heartbreaks happen…where birthdays and proposals are celebrated.. where farewells and serious work meetings are held. Last but not least – we pay utmost attention to those solo lone rangers that just want to eat out too!

We move our tables and chairs around all the time to suit the mood..so yes – we have no airs – no attitude – we just work on the old fashion approach of tender lovin care xxx

SHED 1994…. old fu opened 30 March 1994 on Victoria St. Darlinghurst.
There were four of us when we started – taking care of  2 long tables and a 10 dish menu.

Very little changed in those 18 years – we just extended our menu and maintained the original deco.
Personally all I miss now are those 3 chinese characters that were hand-painted 20 years ago.



After 18 years – it was time for some new digs…We loved working with Mark Pearse & Brian Keirnan and all our crazy Chinese suppliers…. especially the lantern and furniture makers from Penang and Beijing.




Hopefully you will enjoy being at new fu as much as we do!

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