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steamed buns pork or vegetarian  3
roti dhal  5
today’s congee shiitake or chicken  7
beijing dumplings  pork or vegetarian  8

fu’s dry noodles  10
curry laksa tofu or chicken 13
char siu wonton noodle soup 13

hainan chicken rice 12
bbq pork rice 12
roast duck rice 16


crab and chicken wontons 14
beef eye fillet and snowpea wok fry 25
wild caught king prawns, local mussels and cuttlefish in sambal 28


roti dhal 5
steamed bao pork or vegetarian  3
beijing vegetarian dumplings  8
duck wraps 10 / 20
tofu manis 8
crisp prawn wontons  8
sang choi bao pork or prawn  16

Soups & Noodles

prawn wonton soup  8
roast duck w egg noodle soup 19
tofu, bok choi and shiitake vermicelli soup 16
chow mein noodles chicken or vegetarian 18  beef  20
char kway teow 19

Meat & Seafood

char siu – chinese braised pork  18
roast duck plate  22
hainan chicken plate  18
huangdi chicken, cashews and sundried chilli  25
nyonya chicken, potato, coconut curry and roti  24
long cooked beef rendang  25
ocean trout, sesame oil, soy and shallots  24
chilli salt cuttlefish  20


asian greens oyster sauce 8
steamed eggplant tofu ginger and shallots 17
green beans and chilli shrimp paste 16
okra, pumpkin coconut curry 18


jasmine white 3
brown medium grain 4
manchu fried rice white 16 brown 18


pandan & taro rice balls in coconut milk 9
pistachio & praline ice cream 6
yuzu sorbet  6
roti bom bom 8


tieguanyin oolong / jasmine green
akishika shuzo kobo #7 osaka
tsuru ume yuzushu  grifter brewing
wild flower tsing tao
ochota barrels
gentle folk
la violetta
domaine matassa roussillon
claus preisinger burgenland
martin & anna arndorfer kamptal
cos azienda agricola 

limited byo is welcomed – wine only
recycling  $10 per bottle

FU FEAST $60 8 course banquet for large groups